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My Credentials


Mrs. New York America 2005

I must say of all my competitions this has been the smallest in size, yet the toughest. Competing with 18 other married woman, many of whom had been married for numerous years and have children, was competition in itself. I had only been married ten months with no children and a dog ... lol ... I wasn't sure if I would stand a chance without having years of marriage under my belt and children. I then realized it wasn't quantity,but quality — I withstood the odds of it all and placed Second Runner-Up!











Miss New York USA 2000 "Top-Five" Finalist

When I heard my name called as a "Top-Ten" Finalist, I was excited, but to hear my name called as a "Top-Five" Finalist I was ready to jump out of my shoes. There were 91 other beautiful and intelligent young ladies and I was very proud to have placed among the "Top-Five."


Miss Belize Universe 2000-2001

I had the opportunity to spend three fantastic weeks on the beautiful island of Cyprus with 78 other spectacular young ladies. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget. For me, taking part in the Miss Universe Pageant was a dream come true. A dream that I had since the age of 13. Having the opportunity to meet 78 other fantastic women from all over the world and be able to call them my friends was an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget it and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. One has to be extremely proud to say they were a part of such a prestigious event.


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